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شريط الاخبار

Lebanese Food

fattoush salad recipe
kiko 20 December 2022
TART SALAD WITH TOASTED BREAD 2-3 SERVINGS This refreshing salad is an important dish during Ramadan, because its fresh and healthy ingred...
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Yaprak sarma recipe
kiko 20 December 2022
 STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES 6 SERVINGS Many Lebanese dishes consist of stuffed vegetables. Sometimes there is meat in the filling, and at other ti...
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tabbouleh recipe
kiko 02 December 2020
 PARSLEY SALAD WITH BULGUR 4 SERVINGS A popular salad that can be served with anything. At my cooking school, we are proud to have made the ...
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sfiha baalbek recipe
kiko 01 October 2020
 SMALL MEAT PIES FROM BAALBEK 25 PIECES The secret behind the amazing taste is that the meat is cooked inside the dough. The original recipe...
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fatayer with sleek
kiko 20 December 2019
SMALL SPINACH PIES 12 PIECES In the original recipes, leek, greens that grow in the wilderness, are used. In the United States we will have ...
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