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شريط الاخبار

jordanian food

jordanian mansaf recipe
kiko 20 December 2022
LEG OF LAMB FROM JORDAN 5 PORTIONS This is the unofficial national dish of Jordan. Jameed is a kind of dried yogurt that may be purchased an...
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majboos recipe
kiko 02 June 2022
 LAMB DISH FROM THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 6-8 PORTIONS Vegetables are not very common in the United Arab Emirates. So instead, they often use...
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kibbeh recipe
kiko 01 October 2021
 SERVES This kibbeh recipe comes from Mosul, a city in Iraq. FILLING 18 OUNCES (500 G) GROUND LAMB OLIVE OIL 2 TABLESPOONS WATER 2 LARGE YEL...
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baklawa recipe
kiko 03 February 2021
 SWEET ARABIC PASTRIES 25 PIECES Baklava is a flaky pastry made out of layers of wafer—thin dough. They come in many different shapes and wi...
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ashta pudding recipe
kiko 01 September 2020
 6-8 PORTIONS Ashta can also be made into a type of pudding that you can cook yourself. 6 CUPS (1⅖ l) MILK 2 CUPS (240 G) POWDERED SUGAR ⅖ C...
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