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شريط الاخبار

palestinian food

musakhan recipe
kiko 20 December 2022
 CHICKEN WRAPS FROM PALESTINE SERVES 4 Mousakhkhan is a popular dish in Palestine, where it is served in various shapes. Here, the sumac-fla...
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falafel recipe
kiko 05 August 2021
FRIED CHICKPEA BALLS 12 PIECES Falafel is a very popular fast food dish in Lebanon. It is often served in warm bread with fresh and pickled ...
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kofta with pine nuts recipe
kiko 01 January 2021
 BEEF PATTIES WITH PINE NUTS 6 SERVINGS This is one of my favorite dishes from the region of Aley, probably because I used to spend my summe...
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freekeh with chicken recipe
kiko 01 October 2020
 ROASTED GREEN WHEAT WITH CHICKEN SERVES 4 Freekeh is roasted green wheat that looks sort of like greenrice. You can replace it with bulgur,...
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leg of lamb recipe
kiko 01 October 2019
 6-8 PORTIONS This is one of Lebanon’s national dishes. During festive occasions, an entire lamb is cooked the same way, but that can be dif...
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